Still Undefeated With Another Armbar Win In Under One Minute

Posted by: on August 12, 2011

Ronda in teh Locker room after her win #3

Ronda’s fights are becoming very familiar in a good way.  The script and outcome seem to be the same.  Pro fight #3 was no different.  Yes, you guessed it, armbar win in under a minute, 25 seconds to be exact.  Even BJ Pen had to be impressed.  Ronda improves to 3-0 as a pro MMA Fighter.

BJ Penn came into Ronda's room to personally congratulate her.

Here is how the fight went:

Referee Steve Mazzagatti starts the bout. Rousey doubles up on her jab and clinches immediately. Rousey quickly jumps into an armbar, and Mazzagatti steps in and stops the fight. D’Alelio is not happy, and maybe for good reason. D’Aleio never taps, but the fight is over. Rousey claims that D’Aleio verbally submitted, and her opponent denies it in their in-cage postfight interviews. The official time is 0:25 of round one.

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